Review is getting tons of attention recently. We understand why that's the case. On the site, you will see claims that the service has 5000+ experts in its team. It states that from 14000+ reviews, it obtained a rating of 4.9/5.

We understood it right from the beginning. No one can guarantee a grade, since it's at your professor's discretion. They can guarantee to deliver a unique, high-quality paper from the deadline. However, a guaranteed tier is shady enterprise.

We chose to perform a MyAssignmentHelp review, so we can inform you about the facts behind those claims.

Writing Services Offered

Most of the providers are standard. You can find them at any other writing service site.

There is one particular section in its supply that makes it unique: the CDR writing service. CDR stands for"competency demo accounts," that is needed by Australian students who aim for an engineering degree.

There's a completely free paraphrasing tool at the site. It feels like a wonderful feature to have free of charge. But don't use it. You won't receive an essay that it is possible to submit. This tool misleads one to believe that it's easy to paraphrase something and get a exceptional essay. No. It is not how things operate in academic writing.

Pricing and Discounts

There's no cost chart in the website. You simply get an info which you're going to find a $20 bonus plus 25% off in the event that you claim the deal. A bonus of what? A reduction on what? Nobody understands.

When we tried to get the costs from the support representatives, a bot didn't understand what we were requesting. This was our talk with all the My Assignment Help:

Client: What is the cost for an article?

Bot: Order ID please.

You get the point.

We needed to do what the website asked us to do: provide the exact specifics for the order together the email .

This was the very complex purchase form we've ever seen. We had to finish it in phases. We then were taken to a profile, and we had to chat with an agent to find out what the price was. This was the moment when a true broker attended the conversation. She asked questions whose answers we provided in the order form.

We have a price of $ for an essay of 1000 words with a 10-day deadline. And then we had to wait for ten minutes before getting a response. It's like calculating a price for an essay is rocket science. So that the cost was $50 for this newspaper. That is $12.5, together with the discounts included.

Paper Quality

Together with the intention to supply you with the most dependable review, we decided to order that newspaper.

Yes; we have it on time. No; it was NOT good. We checked it using Grammarly and it was that it was 48% plagiarized. That's a lot!

So we decided to request a revision. The broker took AGES to respond to our inquiries. They advised us to send the plagiarism report. This will become a professional writing service, whose authors must check the material before sending it. Why should WE provide a plagiarism report? But we did that. We got a response: their in-house plagiarism detection applications showed that the paper was clean. What? We requested for that their plagiarism report. We never got it.

Don't even bother relying upon their guarantee for refunds. It won't happen.

Customer Support

If you browse through some testimonials, you'll notice that everybody complains about the support. It is slow, plus they often ask irrelevant questions over and over again. When we encountered a problem, they were unwilling to help.

The dearth of quality is the most negative aspect of our My Assignment Aid inspection, but the bad customer service was equally unsatisfactory.

Conclusion of MyAssignmentHelp Review

Don't trust the MyAssignmentHelp testimonials on the website. They are all fake. We've read several negative testimonials from real clients, and our actual experience proves this isn't a good service to employ.
The web site is full of fake claims. It claims you could make 2K+ per year should you bring referrals. That's ridiculous.
The rates are affordable, but the quality is very low. There is a reduction, but you do not get an initial price so that you don't know whether it is really a reduction.
The ordering process is lengthy and complex.
The service system doesn't work.